Girl made in Tennessee, woman made in NYC, Rebecca is an actress + producer with an MFA from NYU Grad Acting.

Rebecca can be seen in the new 2019 Lincoln MKC commercial, driving a car she can only dream to have one day (but it was fun for the weekend!) She also recently shot a guest spot on NCIS: NOLA – another fun day, this time pretending to be a doctor with a secret.

In May 2018, Rebecca wrote and produced the short film BOGO – starring herself, Alex Breaux and Jin Ha – and directed by her cousin + filmmaker, Josh Copeland. The short had its first screening in NYC in September 2018, and will be making film festival debuts in 2019.

Rebecca is currently working on her next short film, titled SWEET PEA – about a Southern fashion blogger getting ready for her birthday weekend – and she is developing a musical to workshop in early spring 2019.